Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 1, Skimcoat Done

Today marks the first day of our home office makeover. I started out by applying a thin layer of joint compound to the walls and ceiling to smooth out the pitted texture and cracks in the plaster. I also caulked the crown moulding and most of the bookcases.  
Prepping the room

Paint samples.
We're going with the second one from the right, Behr Washed Khaki (UL170-8) .

My helpers. 
That's me wearing my super sexy painting clothes.
Btw, the scaffolding has been one of our smartest purchase yet.

Progress at 10:30 am

Progress at 1:30 pm

Skimcoat finished 5:30 pm

 Phew. I'm wiped out and my shoulders are sore, but I got a lot done. Calling it a day. 
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