Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 2, Bye Bye Blue

It has been an exhausting day, but I got a lot accomplished since yesterday.
Started the day sanding the ceiling and walls to remove the excess joint compound until they were smooth, then I vacuumed up all the drywall dust. 
Progress at 3:15 pm: Sanding finished. Man, that took longer than I thought it would. Moving on to painting the ceiling. I decided to get a little crazy and paint the ceiling a lighter shade of the wall color. I really want the crown moulding stand out and I'm also hoping the darker color will help disguise some of the cracks in the ceiling.  
Progress at 4:53 pm: My favorite part, first stroke of the new paint color on the walls. We're using Behr Premium Plus Ultra which is paint and primer in one. HUGE timesaver.  
Progress at 5:30 pm: Chris installed crown moulding on the top of each bookcase. 
Progress at 8:30 pm: First coat done. I'm really pleased with the condition of the walls now. All my effort in skimcoating and sanding paid off.  
I'm on a mission to get the second coat completed before I go to bed tonight so that the walls will be dry enough for me to tape and paint the trim tomorrow. I can't wait until this project is finished!
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