Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Garage Before and After, It Doesn't Get More Exciting Than This

Yes, this subject is boring even to me and it is my garage. A friend of mine described spending money on repairs like these as the equivalent of buying a new bra. You spend a whole lot of money on something no one is going to notice.  Enough said.
We had to shore up the rafters because the sides of the garage were slowly spreading apart. This caused the garage door to fall off the track one night after I parked my car in the garage and attempted to shut the garage door. While we were at it, we also asked our contractor to fill in some cracks in the cement blocks, replace the roof and install a new garage door. These were all "must address" items noted our inspection report 

Here's what the garage door looked like before

And this is what it looks like now
You'll notice that the door is the wrong shade of brown and is lacking handles and other decorative elements. That's okay for now as we're planning to have the house and garage painted within the next couple of years anyway. Better to just do these things once. To me, a wrong shade of brown is much, much better than bright white which was our other option.
New roof
 Our contractor was able to raise the sagging ridge in the roof about 4 inches, but couldn't completely correct it. At least it won't be getting any worse thanks to our brand spanking new ceiling joists.

It is certainly nice to have this crossed off the list. Now we can concentrate on the fun projects. 
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