Monday, February 21, 2011


One of the major purchases on the list for 2011 is a new sofa for the family room. The one we are using now is actually sectional we bought in a pinch to fit in a specific space in the old house.  Truth is, we never liked it and actually put it out on the curb just before moving day until we realized, um, yeah, we're going to need that in the new house...
We have a couple of considerations that isn't making this purchase very easy...our dogs. Cute as they are, they are very messy little monsters. 

Harry and Georgia

We are going to need a couch with upholstery that hides dirt well or something that can be easily cleaned. Since our dogs like to sit on the back cushions and look out the window, the new sofa will need to have a tight back or cushions that don't lose their shape. I'd also prefer a sofa with mid to high arms to lean against. 
See? I told you it wasn't going to be easy.
Here's the short list:
Cameron sofa from Crate and Barrel

 Pros: Tight back, high arms, clean lines, neutral color and shape
Cons: Unclear how well this upholstery will hold up, a tad bit ordinary

Hovas sofa from Ikea
 Pros: Inexpensive, cover is machine washable, replacement covers are only $50-$250 depending on fabric
Cons: Cheap construction, not wild about the rounded arms

Monroe sofa from Room and Board
 Pros: Quality construction, many "easy care" fabric options, price, tight back, loving this fabric color
Cons: There isn't a nearby Room and Board to check it out in person

Hutton sofa from Room and Board

Pros: This is a statement sofa! High arms, deep seats for lounging in front of the TV, quality construction and plenty of fabric choices
Cons: Too formal for a family room?

Slipcovered Metro sofa from Room and Board
Pros: Optional slipcover is machine washable and has a nice tailored fit
Cons: This color is still a little light to hide dirty doggie paw prints. Will all stains really come out in the wash??? Reviewers stated that cushions loose their shape (however, R&B offers replacement cushions.)

PB Square Grand Slipcovered Sofa from Pottery Barn
Pros: Saw this one in person. Comfortable and large. Slipcover is available in a Stone Slubby Canvas that is the perfect shade of greige. Machine washable. Replacement cushions available.
Cons: Unlike the Room and Board option above, you can't just take the slipcover off and have a perfectly upholstered piece underneath. Replacement slipcovers don't appear to be readily available on the website. 

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