Friday, March 25, 2011

Pane in the Glass

So maybe that's a little harsh. Replacing the solid wood doors to our home office with french doors wasn't that difficult. It was just tedious and repetitive. 
Original door

New door
Sand, paint, sand, paint, wait a day (okay a week, we're busy people with day jobs) for the paint to dry.
Sand, paint, sand, paint.
Multiply all this fun by 2.

Hang.  We cheated and had our contractor, SuperTony, do this part. Lessoned learned from our first house that there are some tasks worth hiring out.

Tony was able to reuse the original glass knobs from the old doors on the new ones. 

Then I added another coat of paint to both doors. When the paint dried, I began the tedious process of removing the plastic film off of each pane. First I scored the edge of the glass to break the paint seal, then gently peeled it away. 

Two panes down, only 58 more to go...

Ta Da!

This wasn't a project that needed to be done, however, they make our recently renovated home office a little more interesting. 

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