Friday, April 8, 2011

The Beadboard is Finished!

We're in the home stretch! Chris finished the trim and beadboard in the powder room.

You may recall our indecision on which molding to use on the walls. Yes, we ended up with beadboard after all. Chris opted to go with a vinyl beadboard product.  We had used traditional wood beadboard in the powder room of our old house and it took a beating because of all the water that had splashed on it.

Vinyl beadboard has an opposite side with wider planks. So for no other reason than to have a different look than what we had in our old house Chris hung it with the wider planks showing.  

Here he is hanging the final planks.

All finished!

Calking up the seams and nail holes.

Here I am doing what I do best, painting.

Ta Da!

Completing the trim work was a huge milestone, but there is still more to do:
- Hang crown molding
- Install tile 
- Install the sink and toilet & connect plumbing
- Hang wallpaper
- Connect electricity and hang lighting fixtures

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