Friday, April 15, 2011

Crowning Glory

My poor hubs has been working tirelessly on the powder room. Last week he finished up the beadboard and trimwork and has since moved on to the crown molding.

He started by painting the ceiling blue to match the wallpaper we chose.

 I helped out by putting a first coat of paint on the molding.

Chris used two different pieces of trim to give the molding a chunky layered look. If you look very closely at the photo below, you can see that our ceiling isn't level. For anyone who has attempted to hang crown molding, you can appreciate how this makes it so much more difficult to mitre all the cuts.

Here's a shot with the second layer up and the nail holes and seams caulked.

Here's how it looks after a final coat of paint.

My dear readers, you are probably sick and tired of watching our bathroom progress, but stay tuned, we're just getting to the good stuff!

Still to do:
Install sink, toilet, and radiator
Hang wallpaper
Connect electricity and hang light fixtures

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