Friday, April 1, 2011

Wallpaper, Round 2

If you saw my last wallpaper hunting post you know that we narrowed our selections down to two toile/chinoiserie patterns.  We came close, but neither of those selections felt just right. 

So, I tried again. 

This time, I had a better idea of what I wanted: a traditional toile or chinoiserie but with a modern twist. 
These, by Manuel Canovas, certainly fit the bill

While they could certainly hold their own in a powder room, I'm not sure how long I could live with the off-beat color scheme. 

And then I happened upon The Perfect Wallpaper just as I was about to leave the shop...the wallpaper that I had been searching for but didn't know I was searching for: Brunschwig and Fils' Lhasa. You might recognize it from the June/July 2010 edition of Lonny

The good news is that even Chris loved it. I spent a couple of days in utter bliss daydreaming about my Lhasa wallpaper. In my mind I hung a black mirror on it, I imagined it with red accents, I envisioned a vase of bright yellow flowers next to it on the windowsill...and then...I called the sweet lady at the wallpaper shop to place the order and she told me that it is OUT OF STOCK (unless I'm willing to purchase 55 rolls of it and then then the mill will graciously print it for me). If you live within 5 miles of me you may have heard me screaming.

So, the search continues...any suggestions?

P.S: Many of you suggested that I consider stenciling the walls. I don't suppose you've seen a stencil similar to Lhasa, have you? 
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