Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Fairy Tale About French Bistro Bar Stools

Once upon a time, I woke up to find my kitchen beautifully remodeled. It had a fabulous center island with a marble top and several classic French bistro bar stools lined up against it.
Trad Home, photograph by Patrick Cline
The bar stools were chic and unexpected. Rustic but sophisticated. Each a piece of sculptural art.  Here I sat in my French terry robe trying not to act surprised while Chris served me crepes and coffee (made using a French press, of course)...
TK Collections
After Chris finished all the dishes, walked the dogs, and folded the laundry, he left to go to the farmers market to buy groceries for dinner.  I spent the day shopping for French antiques.  On my way home I rescued a cat from a tree.
House Beautiful, photograph by Thomas Loof

Chris and I reunited in time for happy hour.  We nibbled on brie and a crusty baguette.  I sipped champagne.  He sipped the champagne of beers.
Maison Midi
Together we created a tasty meal of steak and frites. We sat at the kitchen island on our new French bistro bar stools and enjoyed creme brulee for dessert.  By candlelight. Then, our meal was suddenly interrupted by someone at the door. 
Elle Decor
It was the Publisher's Clearing House informing us that we won 100 Million Dollars.


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