Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ring, Ring...

"Hello, Carrie?"
"This is 1978 calling. I'd like my ceiling fan back now."


So clearly time is up on this brass beauty, but it will need to be replaced by another. Although ceiling fans get a bad rap, one is absolutely necessary to make it through a hot & humid New England summer in our un-airconditioned house.  This fan is in our family room, which is our next major project on the "To Do" list, so there's no better time like the present to get a new one.

I came across a couple of interesting options by Matthews Fan Company

But...I think they might be a little too interesting in my house. I don't exactly want our ceiling fan to be the center of attention.

So that brings us to the standard issue white fans with an attached light readily available at Home Depot and Lowes...

But before going down that route, we might try what Jenny suggested in recent post which is to spray paint the fan the color of the ceiling so that it almost disappears. Then add a drum shade over the light fixture to update it. In fact, there's a drum shade kit available at Shades of Light that might do the trick.

Now imagine it all white.  What do you think?

Or have you come across any good looking ceiling fan options?
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