Friday, June 10, 2011

Ideas to Steal

I hope you all aren't sick of hearing about my trip to San Francisco last week, because I just can't resist sharing pictures of our lovely friends' home. We had the luxury of spending the night with Jaime and Marisela after a fantastic day of wine tasting in Napa.
Marisela and I wine tasting 
 Marisela is one of my most stylish friends, so of course I was looking forward to seeing what changes she'd made to their house since our last visit.  She didn't disappoint. Just look and see some of the great ideas she's incorporated into her home.

Always a gracious hostess, she had fresh flowers and snacks waiting for us in the guest room.  I think my own overnight guests would really appreciate this gesture.
See the wall above the desk? She used magnetic paint. Genius!
She lined the back of Ikea shelving with wrapping paper to customize them. Yeah, I'll be copying that idea.
 The rug on rug action works beautifully in their living room.
I love how she used a contrasting paint color and hung shelving to frame out the wall mounted television. Too often flat screens look like they are floating off in space.
 Don't you love the traditional dining table paired with a modern light fixture? That's an idea I want to steal.
 Jaime and Marisela are foodies in every sense of the word. This is a collection of business cards from some of their favorite restaurants. I'm totally stealing this idea.

Thank you for a wonderful time Jaime and Marisela! It was so great to see you!
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