Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memory Lane: The Kitchen in our Old House

In honor of the anniversary of putting our old house on the market a year ago this week, I'm posting about some of the changes we made to that house during the 6 years we lived there before moving to Hazard Ave.

The kitchen was one of the biggest challenges to deal with when we bought the house. It was about the size of a walk in closet and the layout was awkward.
All of the appliances and counter space were smooshed into the closet like space, while the larger area had enough room for a dining table.

So we tore out the eating area
As well as the portion of the kitchen that held all the appliances.
And moved the kitchen to what was once the dining area. (The kitchen just happened to get completed on the day of our wedding anniversary, hence the cheesy styling.)

The old kitchen became our new Mudroom/Laundry Room.

About a year later we repainted the walls a soft yellow and Chris hung beadboard.

And then...we decided to move. Here are the pictures that we used for the real estate listing. 

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