Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Roof Over Our Heads

A couple of weeks ago, we had a chimney guy out to repoint our chimney. While he was up there he noticed a couple of areas on our roof that concerned him and recommended we contact a roofer. Like yesterday.

So we got in touch with a roofer who confirmed our fears, that yes, we need to replace the rubber roof over our master bedroom because whoever did it previously did it wrong and now the nails are popping up. Oh, and while we're at it, we might as well replace the hip roof because it doesn't have a whole lot of life left. Nice.

But there was some good news, the only portions of the roof that need to be replaced right now is the rubber roof at the back of the house and the hip roof. The mansard roof can wait another couple of years. Rubber, hip, mansard. Confused? Let me draw you a picture.

The rubber portion of the roof isn't in this super accurate rendering because it is only on a flat section in the back of the house. That will need to be replaced. The hip roof is slightly pitched, but the pitch is so slight that you can't see it from the street. That will need to be replaced. The mansard portion of the roof is the part that covers the sides of the second floor of our house. This does not need to be replaced.

Here's our plan: Replace the rubber with rubber roofing material, replace the crappy asphalt shingles on the hip roof with asphalt architectural shingles, THEN at some point replace the crappy asphalt shingles on the mansard portion of the roof with synthetic slate. Why synthetic? Well, because it is less expensive than the real thing, lasts just as long, and looks just as good.  Since you can't see the hip roof from the street, the roofing materials don't need to be the same and we don't want to spend a lot of money using synthetic slate on a portion of the roof nobody is ever going to see.

But we'd at least like the colors to match.

Here's our issue...we have to choose the colors from these teensy tiny samples.
Synthetic slate for the mansard roof

Architectural asphalt for the hip roof

So we just told the roofer we wanted "gray".
He's probably already annoyed with us.
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