Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Life For an Old Mousepad

Do people use mousepads anymore?
We do because our mouse won't work on the glass surface of our desk. I had picked up a couple of white ones at Ikea a while back. White was nice because it blended in well with our white desk. The problem was that it got dirty quickly.

So I purchased some double stick fusible web and fabric, and followed the directions on the package.

First I traced the outline of the mousepad onto one side of the tracing paper fusible web backing.

Then I peeled away the other side of the backing (the fusible web is left on the backing with the tracing).

I found the spot of fabric that I wanted for my mousepad and laid the fusible web over it, pressing firmly so that the webbing would stick to the fabric. (The tracing outline is hard to see here.) It is also worth noting that you can still reposition your webbing at this point. It doesn't permanently adhere until it is ironed. 

I cut the webbing and fabric, using my tracing as a guide. 

I peeled away the tracing paper from the fabric & webbing, 

positioned the fabric + webbing onto the mousepad, and ironed to get the permanent bond.


This was so quick and easy that I'm trying to find other applications to use fusible webbing on. Any suggestions? 

(By the way, the fabric is by Alexander Henry and is available at Jo-Ann Fabrics)

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