Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Family Room

If you've been following along Hazardous Design for some time now, you already know that the next room overhaul is our Family Room. I was lucky enough to get some free advice from the talented Casey of Loft and Cottage when I won a design consult from her back in April. She came over to the house a couple of weeks ago (along with Sarah of Pewter and Sage) to take a look at the room and dazzle me with her ideas.

She had her work cut out for her. When we moved, this room became the where all the furniture that didn't belong anywhere else in the house ended up. There was really no hope of making it look good, so I didn't even try. The couch is actually a sectional. I hate the way it separates when you sit down on it.  I can't stand all the floppy back cushions. Plus, all the stereo components drive me nuts! And what is that thing hanging on the wall in the upper left hand corner? We have no idea.

At one point my brother said that this room reminded him of his frat house in college. Nice.

I already had some idea of how I wanted the space to look and feel, but it was so helpful to have a professional validate, refine, and offer up suggestions for things I hadn't even considered.

The inspiration for my room actually comes from one that Casey herself designed. Perhaps you've seen this gorgeous space?

While it isn't a family room, it still captures the updated traditional look I want.

I'm also really drawn to this room, which is an extreme example that traditional and modern mix.
Elle Decor, Photograph by Tim Street-Porter
After seeing it in person, Casey also had a vision for the room.
Funny that this is also a picture of a bedroom :) Anyway, she said that this picture had the texture, colors, and mix of patterns that she envisioned for the space.

I like where this is going...

Stay tuned. In the next post I'll share our plan for how we're going to pull the room together.
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