Friday, July 22, 2011

Side of the Road Score

Chris and I happened upon this chair while walking the dogs recently. One of our neighbors had put it out at the curb for trash pickup. It looked pretty grimy, but I liked the shape.
So we hurried home, drove back to the chair, and popped it in the back of our pickup.




It was upholstered in vinyl, so I figured that it wouldn't hurt so see if I could get it cleaned up a bit. 
 The results were promising, so I kept going...

I started out using a vinyl and leather car upholstery cleaner. It worked well, but I got faster results when I tried laundry soap and water.

Before long, it looked like a brand new chair!
The seat cushion is clean, but discolored.  I think we can get by with covering it with a sheepskin throw from Ikea, but if you have another suggestion, please let me know!

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