Friday, August 26, 2011


A couple of years ago, I visited my friend while she was in the process of cleaning out her husband's family summer home, where I found Mr. Elephant in a pile destined for Goodwill. He was missing a tusk and glazed a dated shade of gray. So I rescued him, took him home, and spray painted him to a perfectly lovely & updated glossy white.
But now I'm kind of over the whole glossy white animal movement. Time for another makeover, Mr. Elephant.
My inspiration:

My original plan was to try my hand at gold leafing, but when I saw what Annie over at Hello Newman's did to her old chandelier with only 30 minutes a $4 tube of Rub-n-Buff I decided to take that route instead.

 I just rubbed him down with the stuff.

Before long, Mr. Elephant was almost gold and so was my finger. (I swear! The instructions on the package actually say to use your finger!)

 I'm pretty sure all these bumps weren't supposed to happen, but I don't mind. Mr. Elephant was free and my materials were only $3.99. Most of them went away after I gave him a good buffing. But if I ever use Rub-n-Buff on something more precious, I'll buff as I go instead of stopping halfway through to go have lunch and watch a dvr'd episode of the Real Housewives. Or maybe I should have done a better job of dusting him off first. Oops.
 And now, let me introduce Mr. Elephant Fancypants.
Look at him all proud and smiling :)

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