Monday, August 8, 2011

In Search of the Perfect Sofa

Finding the perfect sofa for our family room project was no easy task! I had a pretty long list of criteria that had to be met before I could settle on such a large purchase:
1. It had to be stylish
2. It had to be comfortable
3. It had to come in a dark & durable dog friendly fabric
4. It had to have a tight back.

Why a tight back, you ask?
Because if we buy a couch with loose back cushions, then this will happen.

I knew that I wanted an English roll arm style sofa to help achieve the "Beacon Hill Brownstone Chic" vibe I'm after. The Beaumont Sofa, from Cisco Brothers, is the one that I originally had my eye on, but sadly it was too expensive in the size and fabric I wanted.

So I started looking around...
Pottery Barn has a nice looking roll arm. Affordable too! But those darn back cushions! I knew I'd regret this purchase within a day of owning it.

I was considering this Room and Board one for a while, but I couldn't make myself love the arms. It also didn't have the traditional turned legs I like so much in the Cisco Brother's version.
But after an exhaustive search, I finally came upon this one from Lee Industries
I'll probably ditch the pillows that come with it and have lumbar pillows made. 

With the 25% off discount offered at my local furniture store, it was totally in my price range. Yipee! 
But now, which fabric? What color? 
I ordered a bunch of charcoal gray samples from the Lee Industries website to see how they'd look against our new rug, and ended up choosing the one at the very top of the photo, Flanders Coal. It is a soft, low pile velvet that looks like gray flannel in person. 

Now I just need to wait very patiently until the end of October for it to arrive. Hopefully our family room reno will be finished in time! 
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