Monday, August 1, 2011

My Beacon Hill Brownstone Chic Rug

Now I know that in designing our new family room, we could have kept the rug that is there currently (and some of you were left scratching your heads wondering why we aren't), but it is simply too small for the space (we originally purchased it for the dining room in our old house). Don't worry, I still really like it and will just use it in a different room. For anyone interested, it is the Pottery Barn Tracy Kilim rug and you can probably still find it on eBay.

Do you also think I'm weird for wanting a rug that is already perfectly worn and faded? Yeah, thought so :)
When we were vacationing in Sonoma, CA at the end of May I fell in love with the time worn look of the antique rugs at one of the wineries. Doesn't this shot just scream "Beacon Hill Brownstone Chic" to you? Well, it sure did to me after a day of wine "tasting".

And I have a couple of other reasons for wanting something old and worn:
1) One of my dogs never really graduated from Housebreaking 101
2) I wanted something in the room to have a sense of history since almost all the other furnishings in the room will be new
3) I was able to find one that was pretty affordable considering the size I needed

This is the rug I ended up choosing from esalerugs. According to the website, it is between 60-80 years old, has a stain and some wear. I loved that it is a traditional style rug but that the bright turquoise, orange, and kelly green colors keep it from looking too granny. These are just some of the photos of the rug esalerugs provided on their website.

It arrived quickly. Thank God, because I just couldn't wait to see what it looked like in person. The rug is great. I absolutely love it. If I have any complaint at all, it would be that it isn't worn enough. Though I'm sure it will be looking its age after just a few weeks in our house...

Here it is temporarily hanging out in our living room while we anxiously wait to start working on family room.

Would you buy an antique rug sight unseen over the internet?
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