Monday, September 19, 2011

And the Wallpaper Comes Tumbling Down...

Some things get worse before they get better. That certainly seems to be the case in our family room.

 Our weekend-o-wallpaper removal started out promising. The vinyl "grasscloth" came down easily in long strips, just like the wallpaper guy said it would.
 Unfortunately, there was another layer of paper under the vinyl. It was a layer of wallpaper that had been painted. Awesome.
Painted over paper isn't easy to remove. We tried scoring the walls and soaking them with DIF, but got the best results using a steamer. 
 It took FOREVER.
A surprising discovery was the plaster in one section of the room was once dark burgundy. It was kind of interesting to see what the room may have looked like at one point.
 We could make out a faint design where the burgundy met the white stripe at the top of the wall. Can you see it?

Lots of patch jobs done to the plaster over the years. 
If Harry could talk, he'd say, "No offense or anything guys, but the room looked way better before you touched it. Just saying."
So what's next?
Skim coating. We need to smooth out the rough and pitted texture of the plaster so that the imperfections don't show through the wallpaper. Good times.

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