Monday, September 12, 2011

Family Room Project Kickoff

Lots of activity has started on our family room over the last few days. The most exciting by far was the early arrival of our new couch. About 6- 8 weeks early! If you recall, I ordered it at the end of July and was told there would be a 10-12 week wait. So we had to scramble a bit and find a place to put it while we work on the room. For now it is hanging out in another room in our house where it is getting acquainted with the new rug. 
That's the fabric for the Salvation Army chair in the background
Then, between a girl's night out with my sister and sister-in-law to see The Help, a trip to Ikea, and another polo match, I somehow managed to find time to help Chris empty out the family room of all its furniture and lay down paper over the hardwoods over the weekend. 
Chris removed the antiquated alarm/intercom/speaker (we really don't know what it was) and found some pretty old wallpaper underneath.
 It made us wonder how the room may have been used and decorated way back when...
In any case, the stage has been set to begin stripping wallpaper. Fingers crossed that the walls underneath are in good shape.

Let the fun begin!!!
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