Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hot Iron

A couple weeks ago, Chris and I were watching Auction Hunters. Have you seen this show? 
Cameras follow around these two guys, Allen and Ton, while they travel around the country and bid on abandoned storage units. Then they sell 
the valuables inside and make a lot of money. Quite frankly, it is one of the only shows Chris and I can agree to watch together. 
Spike tv
On one of the episodes they were cleaning out a unit and came across an old iron. Now they weren't terribly excited about it because it isn't worth much, but Chris got excited. Our conversation went something like this:

Chris: We have one of those in our basement!
Me: We do not
Chris: Yes we do! 
Me: We do? 

Auction Hunters gets put on pause as Chris runs down to the basement to get said iron

A few minutes later he came upstairs with this
Looks like someone may have left it in the fire too long...
Like most of the other treasures we've found in our house (a chandelier and some old doorknobs), we have no idea if this is something original to the home or if it was a random purchase made by the previous owner.
Chris looked it up on eBay and discovered that similar antique irons were going for about $25. Not bad considering it was free to us. But we aren't going to sell it. Turns out it makes a terrific doorstop for one of our guest bedroom doors that won't stay closed. 

Or maybe our guests would like to use it to iron their clothes...

Have you ever seen one of these before? 
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