Thursday, September 8, 2011

Side Chair Setback

Don't you just hate when you start a project you think is going to only take a couple of hours, only to get into it and realize it is much much more involved than you had originally anticipated? 
That's what happened to me recently.

I had a couple of free hours and thought it might be a good opportunity to start taking the old fabric off my Salvation Army chair so that I could paint it and send it off to get reupholstered. (Now, the upholster said they'd paint it, but if I did it myself, I'd save $100. Plus, I thought it would be a piece of cake).
However, when I started tearing the old fabric away, I realized that it was covering two very thin and brittle layers of wooden panels. 
One layer for the fabric covering the inside of the chair and one for the fabric that shows on the outside. Removing the fabric from the chair without damaging the panels was proving to be a frustrating task for a novice like myself. 
Did I need to keep those wooden panels intact because they'll get reused? Or would they get replaced anyway as part of the reupholstery process? I did not know and the upholstery shop was closed. 


In the end I figured it would be best to stop what I was doing and wait until I could contact someone at the shop.

Fast forward a few days later when I spoke to the professional. She said to go right ahead and strip the chair down to the frame. No need to avoid damage to the panels as they will get replaced anyway. Whoo hoo! I love when I get get the answer I'm looking for.
So I'll resume stripping the chair and keep you updated on my progress.

(And to satisfy your curiosity, the estimate I got for recovering this chair was $350 and 4 yards of fabric.) 

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