Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Side Tables R Us

For whatever reason a vision for side tables in my family room just wasn't coming to me as easily as everything else in the room has. I scoured magazines and blogs for something that might catch my eye as the perfect "I must have that in my family room" piece, but nothing seemed to fit the bill. Or if I did see something I loved, it was out of my budget. Isn't that always the case? 

One night, Chris suggested that he just make them. 
Custom made interesting concept indeed.

But with his offer to make the side tables came a million questions:
How tall and wide should the tables be? 
Round table top or square? 
What kind of wood?
Should the legs be turned, rectangular, or square? 
Should the tables on either side of the couch be an exact match? 


After a LOT of indecision, I finally arrived on a design similar to this table. I like the simple lines and the shelves.  Chris was able to find free online instructions that he can modify to my specifications. 

I think the table will look really cool with some little brass shoes.
It's a win win. I get exactly what I want and Chris is all pumped up fine tune his fine woodworking skilz. He bought himself a new saw and everything.

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