Monday, October 10, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen!
You are about to witness the greatest disappearing act of all time...
Now you see the ugly ceiling fan in our family room,
 Now you don't!
A good magician never shares her secrets, but I'm no magician.
I used my paint sprayer to paint the fan the same color that I painted the ceiling.  Now I'm debating whether to switch out the globe shade with a DIY drum shade.  The fan is barely noticeable to me now, so maybe I'll save myself the time and effort and leave it as is.  What do you think? 

We have another trick up our sleeve...
Do you see the soffit that stops halfway across the far wall? 
It is a little less obvious now, isn't it?!?!
To achieve this remarkable slight of hand, Chris extended the soffit the entire length of the wall.  He framed it out then covered it with sheetrock. 
We're hoping the soffit "disappears" entirely once it is covered with wallpaper. 

We're about halfway through our Family Room remodel. Next on the list is crown molding. We'd like it to be a little more substantial than what's there currently.

PS. Thanks to everyone who chimed in with an "Oh Crap" story of their own in response to last Friday's post. Misery really does love company and I feel a whole lot better. In fact, things are looking up...our electricians have already started working on the repairs.  More to come...
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