Monday, October 3, 2011

Skimcoating, Sanding, and Other Fun Stuff

After taking last weekend off from working on the family room, Chris and I were anxious to get back at it. If you recall, we had removed all the wallpaper only to reveal pitted plaster, cracks, and holes in the walls.
So the task on the agenda this weekend was to skimcoat the walls in order to smooth out the texture and make a nice even surface for the new wallpaper that will eventually go up.
Before we got started on that, however, Chris removed the back portion of the mantel. We did this so that when we hang the wall mounted TV, we won't have to crane our necks so high to watch it. Besides, it was ugly.
  In doing so, we found a couple of interesting treasures behind it!

 An old calling card.

 Guest list for a dinner party?
 More old wallpaper. I'm guessing this was on the walls originally when the house was built.
Okay, break time is over. Back to work!
Skimcoating is basically taking joint compound and smoothing it over the walls. The joint compound fills in any cracks and small holes. Big holes need to be taped first. Bigger holes need to be patched with sheetrock first. It isn't exactly what I'd consider a fun weekend project, but it was easy and satisfying work compared to our experience taking down the wallpaper.
The outside corners were in bad shape, so Chris applied some tape to repair them and made a nice smooth edge. 
Georgia finally made peace with her nemesis, The Vacuum.
Day 2 after the joint compound was dry, we sanded everything down and vacuumed up the dust (which was everywhere).
All done for this week. You can see how the red plaster  has been covered. The walls are now nice and smooth. The fireplace looks better without the weird back piece too.
So what comes next? Chris is going to extend a soffit that is hiding some pipes. We want it to extend the entire length of the wall instead of stopping halfway across like it does now (you can see it in the picture above where I'm standing on the scaffold). We are hoping that it will look less obvious that way. 
Stay tuned! 
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