Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TV Talk

In anticipation of our new wall mounted TV, we had the electricians come over and wire everything up.
We are fortunate to have a cabinet directly behind the fireplace. Not only did this allow the electricians easy access, but it will give us a place to hide all the TV and stereo components.
 This is what the inside of the cabinet looks like currently.
We'll have to add some sturdy shelves, patch the holes, and clean it all up with a fresh coat of paint. I'll probably also line the glass windows with leftover fabric or wallpaper to keep the equipment hidden.

I'm giddy because of how nice it will be to have the ugly components and wires out of sight. Chris is all geeked up about the new toys he's picked out to make this kind of magic happen. (He's been referring to himself in the 3rd person as the "AV Guy" all week.)

Since we had the electricians here anyway, we asked them upgrade the wiring in the room. They swapped out the antiquated knob and tube with brand new Romex wiring. Now the outlets are all grounded. Safety first!

Of course, we also asked them to take a look at our hole in the ceiling...
They started repairs by installing a new box.
They had to move it slightly from the chandelier's original location, but I don't care. I just want the darn thing hanging again!
Interestingly, they found an old gas pipe up there which they said must have powered the chandelier that originally hung in that spot when the house was built.  Pretty cool, huh?
They'll finish up the job after we rehang the medallion.
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