Friday, November 4, 2011

Accidental Propagation

We have a beautiful hydrangea in our backyard. In the early summer, its blooms were bright blue. As summer continued, the blue blooms started to mellow out, turning celadon green or periwinkle then eventually purple.  It provided enough blooms all summer to fill the vase on my desk with fresh flowers every week or so.
 A couple days ago I noticed the vase of hydrangeas on my desk hadn't had to be refreshed in a while. In fact, not since the beginning of SEPTEMBER. The petals were still soft and firm, so I figured I should at least add some fresh water to the vase. That's when I noticed that the roots had started to propagate!
I can barely keep a cactus alive, so how was I able to magically propagate hydrangeas without even trying?
Even more importantly, now what do I do?
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