Monday, November 7, 2011

Base Layer

Ever watch one of those home decorating shows on TV where the homeowner sees their half finished room and starts freaking out because it is not at all what they were expecting? Then the decorator calmly and confidently says "trust me, it will look beautiful when it is finished". Of course, by the end of the show, everything does come together perfectly and the result is a gorgeous new room and very happy homeowners.

Well...we're at that "half finished" stage in our family room.
 The large pieces of furniture are in place (the lamps and side tables are temporarily borrowed from another room).
 But we're still waiting on the pillows and other accessories.
And of course the wallpaper. Without the wallpaper, we can't hang drapes or any artwork.

It is a strange feeling to be both the skeptical homeowner and the confident "decorator"...
Though I can honestly say that there are things that I already love about this room, so I'm breathing a sigh of relief. It is pretty cool to finally begin to realize the vision that has been in my head for so long!
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