Monday, November 28, 2011

A Little Light on the Subject

I'm driving myself a little crazy choosing lighting for the family room. What will best achieve the eclectic modern-traditional vibe (aka Beacon Hill Brownstone Chic) I'm looking for?  right now it is feeling a bit more "Beacon Hill" than "Chic". 

Here's a reminder of our blank canvas. (Note that the lamps and side tables in this picture are temporary.)

Do I go with something really modern? 
This arc lamp could go in the far left corner, and task lamps like these could go on each of the side tables that Chris is making

For a look that is a bit sleek and sophisticated like this:
Lonny Nov/Dec 2011
Or, I could go super traditional and pick up a pair of antique alabaster lamps that I saw at an antique store recently. 
With black shades they'd look timeless.
Little Green Notebook
Could I still use the arc lamp with the alabaster lamps?
Decisions, decisions... I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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