Monday, November 21, 2011

Side Tables, Sword Chairs, and Swords, Oh My!

Over the weekend, Chris set out to the lumberyard to purchase wood for the side tables he's building for our family room. If you recall, we're going for something like this:
Crate and Barrel
Cost Plus World Market
He selected mahogany.
And while I spent the weekend on the couch nursing a cold,  Chris spent the weekend in his workshop sawing up boards into smaller boards.
 Are you as curious as I am to see how he's going to turn this lumber into an actual table???
No pressure, honey :)

In other family room furniture related news, my in-laws sent me an antique corner chair that once belonged to Chris's grandmother. (Thanks Renee and Jim!) 
 When I described it to my mom over the phone, she said it sounded like a "sword chair". As in, a chair men who carried swords could sit in.

Incidentally, Chris's parents also sent us an antique sword in the same package, but I'm pretty sure there's no connection...
We have the perfect little corner for the chair next to the fireplace.
No idea where the sword is going to go...
 I rather like the gold finish of the chair and I think it suits the room, although glossy black would look rather striking against the eventual grasscloth covered walls. At the very least, I'd like to recover the seat cushion. I think it needs something as fun and quirky as the chair itself...
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