Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Butler's Bliss

I'll be honest, we were planning to get rid of the butler's pantry in lieu of a bigger kitchen when we eventually remodel the kitchen. The location of the pantry with respect to the overall floor plan really isn't functional (there's a wall where a doorway needs to be...). There's also the fact that we don't have a butler.

But lately we've been thinking/hoping there's a way to keep the pantry, have a functional traffic flow, and get the kitchen of our dreams (after winning the lottery). In looking for inspiration on colors to paint our butler's pantry in the meantime, I recently stumbled upon a few dream spaces.

This black beauty has a layout very similar to our own. So of course, we now not only want to keep ours, but we want to add a bar sink under the window. What??? I said we were going to win the lottery :)

Feast your eyes...
Tish Key ID, Decorpad
Butlers Pantry traditional kitchen
Shiela Off, CMKBD eclectic kitchen
House Beautiful
Our existing butlers pantry would need to come a long way to look like any of these spaces, but we have the space for it, we might as well try to utilize it, right? 
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