Monday, December 5, 2011

The Sword Chair's New Stripes

If you were left in suspense all weekend wondering if Chris noticed the new black chandelier shades, you can stop holding your breath. He actually surprised us all by noticing right away! Well...within 12 hours. I'd say that's pretty good. Well done, honey :)

But now on to the good stuff.
I've been busy reupholstering the seat of Chris's grandmother's sword chair.
Here it is before.
At first I thought this would be one of those deals where I'd just need to unscrew a couple of screws underneath the chair to pop off the seat, but as you can see, that wasn't the case.
 Instead I carefully pulled off the old fabric and trim from above.
The old cushioning and batting was in really good shape. I was thankful that I didn't have to mess around with replacing it.
 I used the old fabric as my template to cut out the new cover.
 I then just had to pull the fabric taut and staple it into place.
Until...I got to the back and side of the chair and realized that the stapler didn't fit underneath the rail. Ugh...
 So I improvised by reusing the upholstery tacks from the original cover.
 I didn't have an upholstery hammer, and my ordinary hammer was too large to fit in the narrow opening, so I used a dowel to help sink the tack. I placed the dowel over the tack and hit the dowel with the hammer.
I know you must be thinking right now about how resourceful I am. Really, I was just too lazy to go to the store and pick up the proper tools.
 The corners were actually pretty easy. I handled them with two folds.
 After the cover was sufficiently tacked and stapled down, I trimmed away the excess fabric.
Then I covered all the tacks and staples with velvet trim. I used Fabri-tac to hold the trim in place.
 Looking good, Mr. Sword Chair...
 The only thing left to do was to touch up the gold paint where it had chipped off.
Good as new. I think Grammy would be proud :)

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