Monday, January 16, 2012

Demolition Day

Chris and I are starting to get good at this.
We managed to remove all the wallpaper, tile, and wallboard from the guest bath in about half a day.
Removing the wallpaper was a dream. Enjoyable almost.
I scored the walls then soaked them with hot water & DIF. It took about 3 passes to get the paper really saturated.
I started to get really excited when I saw the paper pucker.
But I was thrilled when it came down in huge sheets.
Bye bye sailboats. 

Meanwhile, Chris was busy removing the mirror, light fixture,
 and all that brown tile.
 Phew, what a mess.
 Then he removed the old cement board that was behind the tile.
In doing so, he found this:
Who knew our bathroom was last renovated in 1992? Looked totally 80's to me. Interestingly, when we bought the house we learned that this bathroom used to be a bedroom. That would explain why it is so big. No complaints here.

Okay, back to the demo...

Chris got rid of the old tub too.
That black box will eventually be our new shampoo shelf. We were excited to try it out.
Demo done. How I love a clean slate.
Hope the neighbors won't mind looking at the old toilet that's now on our front porch.
Yup, we're classy. Real classy.
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