Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Family Room A to Z

Before we close the book on our new family room, allow me to reminisce how Chris and I spent almost every weekend for the last 3 months.
Our first step was to remove wallpaper.
 It would have been a piece of cake had there not been a layer of painted over wallpaper underneath the vinyl wallpaper.
 It took us an entire weekend to get it off with a steamer.
The next step was to skim coat the walls to smooth out the pits and holes in the plaster.
The room had a soffit (hiding plumbing for the upstairs bathrooms) that mysteriously stopped halfway across the wall,
so Chris extended it the entire length of the room to make it less obvious.
Much better.
We also made other cosmetic changes like painting the ceiling fan,
 painting the fireplace,
 and beefing up the existing crown molding.
Then finally (FINALLY!) the backordered wallpaper was hung, and we called the room DONE.
 Done. Done. Done. Done. Done!
Well, maybe not "done".
I'm patiently waiting on a couple of loose ends.
I bet Chris is sorry he ever offered to make the side tables :)

Thanks to everyone who left really sweet comments on the reveal post, and thank you-thank you-thank you to those who hung in there with us for the ride. Are you ready for what's next?
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