Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No Sew Fabric Scrap Placemat

I had some leftover fabric from making the butler's pantry box pleat valance, so I thought I'd use it to make a matching placemat for the dogs' food dishes.

It couldn't have been easier. In fact, this project hardly needs a tutorial because you are basically just sandwiching some fabric and ribbon between two sheets of contact paper, however I did learn a couple of things along the way that you might find helpful.

My materials included a piece of scrap fabric, some leftover ribbon, and clear contact paper.

I measured my fabric 1 inch smaller in the length and width than I wanted the finished placemat to be, then cut out a sheet of contact paper slightly larger than the finished size (you'll trim it later).
Peel back the paper off the contact paper.
 Then place the fabric right side up on top of the sticky side.
 Trim any excessive threads.
 Use ribbon to cover up the raw seam by placing half on the fabric, half on the contact paper.
 When all four sides are finished, cut the second sheet of contact paper larger than the bottom sheet and position it over the ribbon, fabric, and bottom sheet of contact paper.
Make sure all the seams are adhered.
 Trim, leaving about a quarter of an inch of contact paper border.
Oh look, here comes one of the dogs to test it out...
 What do you think, Harry?
I love when my hard work is appreciated.
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