Friday, February 17, 2012

"If My Husband Decorated the House..."

Today is Day 4 and finally my day to host "The Honey-Do List" blog swap! I'm welcoming Erin of His and Hers, Kelly of View Along the Way, and Michelle of Decor and the Dog to share how their homes would be decorated if their husbands were in charge...
First up is Erin @ His and Hers:
If my husband decorated the house, he wouldn’t decorate the house. I am the one in this relationship who feels the need to paint and sew and put nail holes in our walls. Rick is just (willingly) along for the ride. I do think, though, that if he got to make all of the decorating decisions that I do, our house would be full of cords. Unnecessary cords from unnecessary electronics. They’d decorate the walls, the floor, the ceiling. He’d hang Christmas lights on them in December and inflatable toys from them in the summer. (Or would that be a fire hazard? Probably. That’s clearly why I’m in charge of decorating.) And one other thing is certain: there would be absolutely no decorative pillows in the house.

Next is Kelly @ View Along the Way: 
This one is easy because I'll just tell you what his house looked like in college when he had free reign and like-minded roommates. The living room boasted no less than THREE Star Wars posters taped to the walls. (Andy just pointed out that two of them might, in fact, have had "really nice" poster frames.) I realize now that this may reflect poorly on me for falling for the guy who lived in the Star Wars house.
The roommates spent $20 on a tan sofa they bought at Goodwill, which lived there for three years. Two of those summers, they took in extra roommates who slept on that sofa every night. Here's the kicker: before we got married, we had a giant yard sale and sold the sofa. Before we put it out to sell, we vacuumed it off. Only then did we realize that the sofa was not tan. It was WHITE. Holy GROSSNESS. That still makes my skin crawl.
Star Wars and nasty sofas. Welcome to my hypothetical home.
Finally, here's Michelle @ Decor and the Dog
If Nate decorated our house, it would look like this…
house 177
Okay, this is what our first home looked like before I moved in.  And before we had any resemblance of incomes. I don’t know that our home would look this bad.  I feel like if Nate was in charge of decorating our home would have the bare essentials.  I do feel like those bare essentials would be nice though.  Nate is more into quality over quantity.  I think he would have a big comfy sectional and a large tv in the living room.  Nothing else.  No photos.  No tchotchkes. I can guarantee you that there would no curtains, rugs, or cow paintings in sight.  Luckily I don’t think there would be any camo or animal heads on the wall…but I can’t be sure.

And what about Chris? Are you curious to know what our house would look like if Chris was in charge of decorating it? Well, here's what I think: 
Chris's decorating skills have definitely evolved in the ten something years we've known each other. Just before we met, his living room furniture consisted of a plastic lawn chair and a television. That said, if he had free reign now I really think he'd do a good job. Our home would just look very bachelorish. We'd have a lot of mid century modern furniture, natural wood, and glass. He'd probably also hang some black and white photographs on the walls. However, there wouldn't be any accessories, plants, throw pillows, drapes, or anything soft. His style would still be very stark and minimal and hopefully more sophisticated than what I like to call his "lawn chair period".
Reenactment of Chris's apartment in 2001
So this concludes the Honey-Do List blog swap series. On behalf of Erin, Kelly, and Michelle, I'd like to thank you for joining in this week. It has been so much fun to read your comments and see how DIY goes down in your home.  

Miss a day? 
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