Monday, February 6, 2012

Tile Time

Want a way to get closer to your man?
Just spend a couple of days together tiling a tub.

Chris and I had a system. I cut the tiles and he did everything else.
To make sure the tiles were installed straight, Chris drew a line the height of one tile above the tub using a level and worked up from there.

 The next day (and a new t-shirt) we did the other walls using the same method.

To accommodate the shower spout I had to carefully notch out a hole in the tile using hand held tile cutters. This beauty was probably my third or forth try. All my previous attempts kept breaking the tile in half. So frustrating! 

The rest of the cuts were surprisingly easy to make. Using a tile cutter, I slid the bit over the tile to score it,
 pressed down on the lever, and SNAP! A nice clean cut.
 We waited a couple of days to allow the mortar to set before applying the grout.
Grouting was not fun. Because of the beveled edge in the tile, using a float didn't really work that well.  So together, Chris and I applied all the grout by hand.
 The final step was to fill the tub with water and apply silicon caulk.
A tub full of water will weigh the tub down and increase the gap between the tile and tub ensuring that your caulk line will always be watertight if the tub flexes.
It is starting to look really good in here, but do you want to know the best part?
Our marriage survived two and a half days of working together in such close quarters. Not saying it wasn't fun, it just isn't something I'd want to do again anytime soon.
I'm sure Chris would agree :)
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