Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Next on the Agenda

With the guest bath project behind us, Chris and I are going to put the tools down for a while and take a nice long rest from renovating. We are looking forward to having our lives back to do whatever it is that normal people do on weekends. We also need to replenish the "house fund" in order to afford some very expensive projects on the horizon, like a new roof and a new exterior paint job.
That doesn't mean we won't be busy though, and I know exactly where I want to focus my attention next: Our master bedroom.
Now, I'm not planning anything huge as our bedroom already had a major transformation just over a year ago when we removed all the wallpaper, painted, and put up crown molding.
Here's what it looked like then:
Here it is now:
 I just want to do a little low cost redecorating. This room was the first room we renovated when we moved in, and at the time, I had no idea which direction to go in decor-wise. As such, I've never really liked the way it came out (I can see Chris rolling his eyes now). It just feels so BLAH. 
Anyway, I think I have a better idea now. I'd like to change the furniture arrangement, perhaps trade some of the furniture with pieces we have elsewhere in the house, switch out the bedding with some we're using in a guest room, that sort of thing. Maybe it won't look any better when better when I'm done, but I need to find out.

Am I some sort of crazy person to need to change my decor so frequently? 
Maybe don't answer that. 
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