Friday, March 30, 2012

Old Stuff for a New House

One of my best friends from high school is in the very early stages of building her dream house. As a way to infuse some character into their new construction home, she and her husband are planning to incorporate old doors from a local salvage yard. Isn't this a great idea?

I asked her to send me a link to the website of the salvage yard so that I could take a virtual looksie.
But why stop at doors? Maybe they will consider one of these mantels,
(heck, these are beautiful, maybe I should consider one of these mantels...).
Or even a butler's pantry. This one has a price tag of $2800.
How about an iconic claw foot tub?
Here's a cool sink you won't find at a big box store.
All of these (and more!) can all be found at Nor'East Architectural Salvage located in South Hampton, New Hampshire.

Would you or have you used salvaged building materials in your new construction home?
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