Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Switched Up, Around, and Out

Poor Chris. After his hard work on the guest bath remodel, all he wants to do is sit on the couch and play video games. But he married me and I always seem to have plans to keep him busy.  This weekend it was to help me rearrange the furniture in our bedroom.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I wanted to position the bed in front of a window to improve the flow of the room. I was actually surprised reading your comments by how many people have done this in their own homes with great success. Music to my ears.

Chris and I first tried moving our current headboard in front of the window, but it clearly wasn't going to work out. The headboard is just too tall and it looked really awkward against the sloped wall.
 So we brought in a headboard that was in our guest bedroom.
Much better. Incidentally, Chris made this headboard for me as a wedding gift way back when, so it seems appropriate that we use it in our master bedroom.

Don't judge yet, this room is still in progress...but here's where we're at currently:
I love the new orientation of the room, but the obvious question is "How the heck do I dress that window behind the bed?".  It certainly needs something. The sloped wall presents a bit of a challenge. I have an idea how I could address it, but I'd love to hear your thoughts before I do anything.

Any suggestions?
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