Monday, April 30, 2012

Cyclone Eyesore No More

I'm happy to report that Chris did not ask for a divorce after I made a public plea for him to finish the side tables he promised me last September. In fact, he even spent some time on them over the weekend. What a nice husband.
Hopefully, I'll have some new tables to show off very soon.

Until then, allow me to share the progress we've made in the backyard. Remember how last week Chris and I made friends with our neighbor?
Well, after confirming the cyclone fence was indeed ours to remove, Chris wasted no time tearing it down. He used a pair of 24 gauge bolt cutters to detach the wire fence from the poles.
I helped by detaching the cross bars from the poles using pliers and a very large screwdriver. Despite 40+ years of rust, this was surprisingly easy.
If Georgia had opposable thumbs, she'd be helping too.
What made the job difficult was detaching all the vines that had intertwined itself into the cyclone over the years so that we could tear the fence away from the earth. 
 An improvement, right?
 Now we'll just need to figure out how to get rid of the poles...
 Good thing Harry's busy working on a solution.
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