Friday, April 6, 2012

Woof! Woof!

Let me bring you up to speed on our roof replacement situation: 
When we first moved into our house, Chris and I had agreed that when it came time to replace the roof, we'd replace it with synthetic slate. Our mansard style house has a lot of visible roofline so we want it to be a feature. Chris had already done some research and discovered synthetic slate to look identical to the real stuff but for far less money. I was sold. 
Synthetic Slate roof by Apple Roofing Company
Unfortunately, we learned last summer that the hip portion of our roof (the portion that you can't see from the street) needed to be replaced much much sooner than we had anticipated. As home improvement surprises go, this was a big one and we didn't have the cash on hand to replace the entire roof with synthetic slate. So one of us (I believe it was me) made the brilliant suggestion to replace only the portion of the roof that needed to be replaced with less expensive architectural asphalt shingles (since it wouldn't be visible anyway), and finish the mansards with the pricier synthetic slate later. We saved a ton of money and noone is the wiser. Unless you read this blog.

So here we are, almost a year later with big plans to replace the mansards with synthetic slate sometime soon. 

Chris's mom, however, showed me these photos that she took of a home in Seattle. (Gotta say, it cracks me up knowing my mother-in-law is scouting roofing options for us).
At first glance it looks like fancy slate. 
Or is it?
This close up (apparently taken with my MIL's spy cam) looks less like slate and more like asphalt.
Sure enough, a quick google search found me this luxury roofing material called "Carriage House" made by Certainteed.
It has me wondering if my all time favorite, single story mansard, home inspiration photo has the same material on its roof.
What do you think? 

(Harry seems to think Chris and I are nuts to be concerned about such matters, and that our time would be better spent going on walks and giving him treats.) 

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