Monday, May 14, 2012

Backyard Discovery

Hope all moms enjoyed a fantastic Mother's Day (especially our own!).
Chris and I had the pleasure of hosting our friends, Jaime, Marisela and their daughter, for the weekend who were visiting from California.  We took advantage of the perfect weather and enjoyed Mother's Day brunch in our in-progress backyard.
 After we said good-bye to our friends, Chris and I picked up where we left off last week and made a little more progress in the backyard.
Now our neighbor's garage is no longer growing trees from its gutter.
 Chris also mowed down the area on the side of our house. We were curious to see if it might be a good spot to put our patio table.
Wait, what's this?
It looks like a flagstone paver...
It is! and we found many more!
I bet we could use them to do something pretty cool back here...

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