Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting Dirty

Picking up where we left off, Chris and I were anxious to get started on our makeshift patio using the pavers we found in our side yard last weekend.

Now, I don't recommend that anyone use this post as a tutorial for laying a patio. We didn't take the time to do it right, meaning that we didn't dig down, level the space out, lay gravel and sand, etc, etc, etc. Rather we had some found materials, a free weekend day, and a spot in our yard that wasn't being used for anything but growing weeds. So why not make it look a little prettier?

The first thing we did was to purchase about $50 in additional pavers. We dug up a bunch last weekend, but knew it wasn't going to be enough to cover the amount of area we wanted to cover. Then Chris pulled up the layer of sod & roots that remained after he mowed it down last weekend.
Then he dry fitted the stones.
That's about the time I walked over to tell him they were too close.
 So we spread them out a little to cover more area.
 Then we "planted" them. No real method or science here. Just a lot of digging in the dirt and heavy lifting.
 Here are the pavers all settled in. We hosed the area down because the water helped the dirt settle into all the nooks and crannies.
Our next task will be to plant grass or another ground cover between the cracks.
It looks pretty good, I have to say, but here's the bottom line:
Is it level? Nope.
Will the pavers pop out of place over time? Probably.
Are we going to be able to stop weeds from growing in between the pavers? Nope.

Does the side of our house look better than it did before?
Heck yeah :)
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