Friday, May 11, 2012

It Takes a Village

Last Friday, my little brother and his wife welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Ella Reese to the world. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child, so even before Baby Ella arrived Auntie Carrie and Uncle Chris were helping out.

My sister in law, Kirsten, already had a beautiful bedroom set that was handed down from her grandmother that she wanted to use in the baby's room. The problem? It was painted mismatched colors and overall not looking very "baby girlish".

So I prepped
And I painted
While Chris and my brother put the crib together.
Then we went home and left Kirsten to do all the finishing touches. A few days later she emailed me "after" photos. 

Another bureau looks perfectly at home in this little niche. 
This photo of Ella's closest cracked me up because it came with the caption, "organized like Aunt Carrie". Clearly Kirsten hasn't been snooping in my closets because mine are NOT this organized! 
Kirsten made the personalized name art with scrapbook paper and wooden letters from a craft store. It was easy to do in a pre-matted four photo frame.

Isn't it a sweet nursery?
I think little Ella is going to feel very much at home here.

Congratulations Chris and Kirsten!
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