Friday, May 4, 2012

Wheels in Motion

You've heard me say before that we have some major plans for the exterior of our house this summer. The mansard roof needs replacing, the siding needs repainting, and we need to take care of some not-so-fun stuff like a new porch railing and gutters.
If there's any money left in the budget we'd love to install some outdoor landscape lighting.

Careful not to lean against this railing or you'll fall right into the flower bed!
Our house looks haunted, we know.
 Even though we're not going to do any of the labor ourselves, that doesn't mean there's not a lot of planning and coordination involved on our part. We need to line up the roofer to replace the roof and the gutters then have the front porch railing fixed before we can have the house painted. If possible, it would be nice to get this done within a span of a few weeks instead of dragging it out all summer long. The challenge is to ensure that all contractors can be available when we want them to be.

Right now Chris and I are in the process of confirming the roofing estimate we got last summer and getting bids on paint contractors.
And, of course, saving, saving, saving. If only this stuff came for free!
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