Monday, June 4, 2012

Backyard Before and Afters

Welcome back everyone!
Chris and I escaped to Jamaica last week during my little blogging break. We had the best time and I'll be sure to share pictures of our trip. Until then, I know you are interested in seeing the progress we've made to our backyard so I won't keep you waiting any longer. These photos are more "before and in-progress" photos than they are "before and afters", but I simply can't wait until the end of the summer when all our flowers are in bloom to show you the final results.  

Even still, our backyard has come a long way in just a few weeks. 
Here's the view of our backyard last summer.
And most recently: 
Thanks little old lady neighbor for painting the back of your garage!
Thanks Craiglist man who hauled away our old cyclone fence and removed the old fence posts for free!
Our view has greatly improved!
You may also notice how much nicer the lawn looks. That's because last summer Chris over fertilized and killed all the weeds (As well as the lawn. He said he did it on purpose...)  In the fall he laid down fresh grass seed.  This spring, viola! Green grass!
 At the border of the periwinkle and grass, I planted Impatiens in red, fuchsia, lavender, and deep peach. I can't wait until they grow in.

And now for the side yard.
This was our view last summer:
And here it is now that we decided to clear the area and lay a rustic stone patio (imagine ground cover one day growing neatly between the stones).

But here's the money shot:
 Let the barbecue season begin!

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