Friday, June 29, 2012

Bubba and Pop Pop's Garden

I can't resist the title of this post. My little nephew, Carter, is starting to talk and has taken creative license in naming is favorite people. Bubba is his word for "grandma" and Pop Pop is what he's named my dad. My poor mom has waited so long to be a grandmother and now she gets to be called "Bubba".

Chris and I just returned from a quick trip visiting my parents in Ohio. While there we hit two (TWO!) house tours. I'll share pictures from the tours next week, but first I wanted to show you pictures of my parents' garden.
My parents moved to a suburb outside Columbus, Ohio about 7 years ago where housing developments are the norm and privacy is at a minimum. So they enlisted the help of a landscape architect who designed a backyard for them that is distinctive and private.
Doesn't it look like a lush green oasis awaits you just beyond the stone archway entrance?
Over the years my parents have gone above and beyond what the landscape architect suggested and have made their own modifications to the property. The wrought iron gate in the photo above is an example of one of their own upgrades. 
The house sits sideways on the lot which makes their home feel even more tucked away and secluded.
Walk a little ways and you'll find yourself under a beautiful arbor filled with purple clematis. 

Then follow the stone pathway around the corner into the backyard
until you find yourself in an english garden. 

Their backyard is tiny, but there is enough room for a small lawn and a patio. I think they both appreciate having only a small yard to take care of. In fact, my dad gave up his gas mower and now tends to the lawn using a manual push mower. 
Along the side of the garage, two apple espaliers fill otherwise dead space. My dad explained that each branch of each tree grows a different variety of apple. I thought he was pulling my leg until I looked it up.
 Too bad a green thumb isn't hereditary.
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