Monday, June 25, 2012

Exterior Paint Color Obsession

Twice now, I've knocked on the door of the house I'm obsessed with to ask the homeowners for their paint colors, and twice noone has come to the door. (There was a car in the driveway the second time I stopped by, so now I'm paranoid that they were actually home but didn't want to talk to me).
Yes, I know I could simply leave a note with a SASE like a few commenters suggested, but apparently I like doing things the hard way.
These are all Benjamin Moore colors. I think I came pretty close to capturing the green-gray of my inspiration house.
BUT, I'd also been collecting paint chips over the last two years of other potential colors. Sadly, I only know the original name of one of them because we accidentally left all the chips at the Home Depot paint counter where we had the samples color matched.
Any favorites?
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